Next Free Event – The LJC Code Share – Thursday August 25th – 6pm

The London Java Community’s next free event is – The LJC Code Share event on Thursday 25th August at 6pm.

Please see link for details and to sign up –

We are happy to announce the LJC Code Share for August.  It is the first in a series of events focusing simply on the code.  Not writing code, not code tools, but looking at the code itself.

The event is for anybody who cares about the code.  You may be a beginner, looking to improve.  You might be a grizzled old hacker who want to show how it’s done.  We all have something to give and plenty to gain.

We will be reading code rather than writing it.  Anybody who has something to share should just bring it along for everybody to see. 

Is it an elegant solution you’re proud of?  Let us all see it.

Are you facing a particularly knotty problem?  Perhaps we can help.

Are you nervous about the code you are submitting for job applications?  Get some positive feedback (and perhaps a little constructive criticism).

Do you have some have some other thoughts or ideas?  If it’s about the code then we want to hear about it.

The format is open, driven by what people want to share.  To help things along we will have a theme and a challenge.  This month the theme is “achieving flow” and the challenge is “pulling tables out of a Word document.”

Achieving Flow

Coding is all about achieving flow.  When programming we have to get ourselves into the zone.  We have to reach a state of flow where we can hold all of the objects, variables and statements can pour out of our heads, through our fingers and into the editor.

The code we produce also needs to flow through so many forms and states.  At one moment a person may be represented by a screen of fields.  Then as a set of key-value pairs held in memory or as url-encoded text.   Then as an XML document traversing an ESB finally to be bottled for weeks or months in the tables of a relational database.  The person is always there, but the forms and representations are in a constant state of flux.

In our code sharing meet up we want to get to the heart of what programming is all about.  We need to achieve flow to create code.  Code is created to achieve flow.  The moments when it all flows freely are the moments we are always seeking.

How do you achieve flow?  Do you have some code that flows nicely?  What impedes the flow? 

Let’s get together and let the sharing flow.

The Coding Challange: Pulling Tables from a Word Document

The challange for this month is Pulling Tables from a Word Document. 

Imagine that you have lots of Word documents and those documents contain lots of tables.  Write some code to pull the data out of those tables and make them available for your code.

You can save the document in any format provided by Word: .DOC, .RTF, .HTML or any other format that Word will save.

Please see link for details and to sign up –