Developer Sessions – Event Aftermath

Hi all,

Thanks to everyone that made it out on Tuesday night.

We had a good turn out, I would say around 60-70 people came and went through the night. I understand many war stories were discussed, although as usual people seemed more keen to discuss recruitment war stories with me, which there seems to be no shortage of. We had a really good cross over with members from the Graduate Developer Community and had a few people along that have been getting involved with our the GDC Project Euler challenge which is open to LJC members and GDC members, but more suited to entry level developers (or those wanting to cross train into another language).

Special thanks to John, James and Martijn for greeting throughout the night and helping to build such a supportive atmosphere. If anyone is interested in helping out with some greeting in the future please let me know.

Don’t forget to check our latest jobs here although please remember that we have new jobs in every week and some are placed before we advertise them, so for the best positions give Andrew, Kenric or myself a shout and we’ll let you know which roles would be the best match for you.

Sign up to next months Developer Sessions here –

We are most likely going to base the event around the theme of Java in the Cloud, as we are having two presentations next month on Java/JVM Cloud platforms and tools.