How to give your career a boost in 7 minutes

Barry Cranford

Lightning talks can act as a springboard to bigger things and the London Java Community could provide an easy way to get involved.

Within the LJC we are always looking at ways to bring on new talent. One way that we have found to do this is through giving our members a chance to give lightning talks. Our standard presentation events now consist of 2-4 lightning talks, followed by the main presentation.

The subject can be anything really – we recommend it is on a subject related to the main topic, but this is not an absolute prerequisite. Generally the people that give the lightning talks will be inexperienced speakers so there is nothing to worry about here, it is a great chance to get some technical public speaking experience under your belt with very little expectation.

Many people have used lightning talks as a springboard to bigger things such as giving longer talks to user groups, getting on the conference speaking circuit or becoming a recognised expert in a given field. Many of the top employers will pay higher salaries or offer more senior positions to candidates with a deeper involvement in the community.

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If you are ever interested in giving a lightning talk just let us know and we will do our best to get you a slot.

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Barry Cranford

Barry Cranford is the founder and one of the organisers of the London Java Community. He is also the Managing Director of Java Recruitment Specialists, ClearView IT Recruitment Solutions Ltd the principle sponsor of the community. Latest jobs can be found here: