1000 Members – Skills Matter Celebratory Offer!

Congratulations to the LJC members, speakers, Barry and the leadership team on your great achievement!

It’s a real pleasure helping organise the LJC events to provide learning opportunitie for the community.

To celebrate your success, we would like to highlight some special events to support your ongoing quest for skills and
innovation on topics featured at LJC events in the past 2.5 years.

Please click on the course title for more information!

Tapestry 5: Web Development Workshop
Howard Lewis Ship, creator of Tapestry, will fly over from the US to give his 3-day Tapestry Web Development Workshop on April 14-16th.

Simon Brown’s Software Architecture for Developers Workshop
On April 19-20th, Simon Brown is flying over from Jersey to teach his Software Architecture for Developers Workshop.  If you’re
an experienced architect, this is the course for you.

Groovy & Grails Workshop
Graeme Rocher, creator of Grails, is travelling from Spain to give his 3-day Groovy & Grails Workshop on April 28-30th.  So if you want
to learn how to develop dynamic Web Apps with Groovy & Grails, this is your chance!

Neil Bartlette’s OSGi Workshop
In anticipation of some interesting OSGi related talks scheduled with the LJC, we also thought you may be interested in Neil Bartlett’s OSGi
course scheduled for May 11-14th.

Udi Dahan’s Advanced Distributed System Design with SOA course
If you enjoy deep architectual discussion or if you’re in charge of building a large-scale distributed system or if you’d like to know
more about how the big guys (eg Amazon, Ebay, Sun) run their systems, you’ll enjoy this intensive workshop with Udi on May 24-28th.

DDD Immersion Workshop
On June 7-10th, Gojko Adzic is teaching our DDD Immersion class, featuring a guest appearance by Eric Evans, the man
behind DDD.  This workshop comes with a free ticket to the DDD eXchange on June 11th.

Special LJC Community Offer
To thank the LJC community for so many exciting talks and topics and to celebrate the 1,000th member milestone, Skills Matter would like to offer every member of the LJC community a Special 20% Discount on their next course with Skills Matter, if booked before April 16th.

Simply quoting promo code SM1556-623342-EM1

Please note this offer is not valid in conjunction with any other offers.
Also note this offer is only valid to bookings made after April 6th and before April 16th.

Once again, congratulations and we look forward to supporting the LJC community to make your events a even greater success!

The Skills Matter Team