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  1. Bruce
    05/05/2011 @ 9:36 pm

    I’m a JCP member voting in the upcoming elections. Do you support granting the Apache Foundation a TCK license without the “field of use” restrictions?


    • karianna01
      07/05/2011 @ 11:49 am

      Hi Bruce,

      We have both OpenJDK and Apache Harmony committers in our community. It’s certainly one of the main topics we’ll keep bringing up (we’ve commented on this several times in the past).

      We are realistic in that we know things cannot change whilst existing legal proceedings are going on (the Google vs. Oracle lawsuit which has just subpoenaed Harmony code). But as soon as that lawsuit is over (latest indications are October this year), we’ll be rigorously pushing to have the field of use rule clarified (so that the ambiguity claim can be removed) and work with Oracle to allow Apache Harmony and like minded projects to have the TCK.

      The potential fear here is language fragmentation. We do not want to see the Java language community become fragmented, but we’re confident that Apache Harmony will not be a cause of that (for a myriad of reasons). We think some frank dialogue between Oracle and the Apache Foundation will also clear up that misnomer and we’re happy to assist with moderation of those discussions if asked to do so.

      Thanks for your great question!

      Martijn (on behalf of the LJC)


      • Satkk
        09/05/2011 @ 9:23 am


        Good to hear news about Harmony, hope it will be alive again.. But as you said, the main issue will be fragmentation, because of the nature of Apache Licence.


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